IGNITE: Want to start with SRE? Start with this talk.

DevOps vs SRE? Should I do both? Do I still need DevOps if I work with SRE? How can I start to implement this in my area? This ignite talk is about the fundamentals of SRE and how you can implement them in your work. It will also try to answer some common questions given from a beginner’s perspective.


  • Daniel Uhlmann
    Daniel Uhlmann
    T-Systems MMS

    Daniel is a DevOps Engineer based in Dresden, Germany. He has a very deep passion with tech ranging from automating tasks and programming new stuff to tinker around with new tools and sometimes hardware. Daniel likes to gain new experiences through new problems and challenges and that’s why he tries to actively participate in open source projects as often as possible.


Jul 19 2022


14:05 - 14:10


Room Barcelona I