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WebThings: Let’s Make Your Things Smarter

In today’s world where the security of our data of a major concern, the number of websites are always tracking what we search for, what we watch, our location and now when things are limited to only data, adding another dimension i.e. physical entities is really a big question.

From this talk audience will take away an understanding of the privacy concerns related to IoT, and how they may be putting their personal information at risk by connecting my physical entities to the internet and how Web Things come to the rescue. The goal is for visitors to leave with a better understanding of some of the issues surrounding the Internet of Things today, and how Mozilla is working to build a decentralized IoT with the Web of Things, to improve interoperability, privacy and security through standardization.


  • Pooja Purswani
    Pooja Purswani
    Mozilla Tech Speaker

    Pooja is an Electronics Engineer and a Tech Speaker at Mozilla. She loves tinkering with various emerging technologies mainly VR, IoT-based platforms, with a motto of making the web a better and connected place for everyone, and spreading the love of web literacy. Pooja has been conducting workshops at across India spreading the love of tech.


Jun 18 2020


10:45 - 11:15


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