You Might be Streaming Events Wrong

Asynchronous message processing has taken the world by storm recently, but not without difficulty. Configuring these queues and streams is far from trivial, and for an early stage startup, it may be tempting to take the defaults and run with them. Who has time to worry about consumer groups and partitions, when you need to worry about customer growth and features? Does it even matter what streaming technology you use at the onset? The answer is a resounding yes. The subtle distinctions can either make or break your application in the future. This talk will take you through the effects of misconfigurations, and how these lessons were applied for future projects.


  • Kat Liu
    Kat Liu
    Klar Technologies

    Kat is a software engineer at Klar Technologies. She has worked extensively with distributed systems, authentication protocols, and sync and async messaging patterns throughout her 6-year career. As a strong believer in DevOps culture, she is also worked with configuring deployment pipelines, provisioning machines, and setting up monitoring. When she is not at work she’ probably training mixed martial arts, playing guitar, or cooking!


Jun 15 2021


14:00 - 14:30
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