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WHAT IS stackconf ALL ABOUT?


With the changes in modern IT the profile of the former Open Source Data Center Conference has more and more shifted from a mainly on-site approach to open source infrastructure solutions to a broader spectrum of continuous integration, container, hybrid and cloud solutions.

Thoughts, workflows and thus our conference topics have progressively extended to more dynamic and agile environments, from only data center to a whole stack.

Bridging the gap between development, testing and operations is one of the fundamental paradigms in modern IT. stackconf covers this concept from multiple perspectives. Trendsetting concepts, state-of-the-art technical expertise, top-level discussions and new perspectives in dealing with complex IT infrastructures have shaped the event since 2009.

How you run your applications and IT infrastructure in production has a big influence on designing and building your technology stack. At stackconf you can learn how.

Well-known international open source professionals present their ideas within a two-day lecture program. Expect exciting discussions, an intensive exchange of experiences, inspiring encounters and great networking opportunities within the multi-faceted field of stackconf participants!

As one of the leading open source infrastructure events in Europe the conference attracts more than 150 visitors per year.


Who you will meet?

The international stackconf audience includes renowned infrastructure specialists, industry leaders, experienced administrators and IT architects as well as a wild bunch of open source community enthusiasts.

Catch up on the latest developments in infrastructure technologies and initiate forward-thinking projects!


Here you find the stackconf logo in your preferred format as well as an overall introduction to stackconf.

If you have any further questions, just get in touch!