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What to expect of stackconf ?

IT infrastructure is the technology foundation that supports a company’s business strategy, its ability to innovate with technology, and its digital capabilities. stackconf offers solutions and orientation in a rapidly changing IT world.

Customer expectations are becoming more demanding, and companies are increasingly under pressure to deliver. DevOps is a set of practices and a cultural philosophy to meet these demands. A DevOps team includes developers and IT operations working collaboratively throughout the product lifecycle in order to increase the speed and quality of software deployment.

The way IT professionals run their applications and infrastructure in production has a big influence on how they design and build their technology stack. At stackconf you learn how – throughout the whole lifecycle:


When building an application, it’s important to choose the right methods at the very beginning. Deciding how you work, which tools you use as well as the consideration of building software scalable has a big impact on your final result and is essential for creating software sustainably. In short you have to achieve the right balance between how fast the software has to be developed and the quality of it. Let’s look at the very beginning, at stacks and practices that support you in this!


CI/CD describes a pipeline including its steps integration, delivering and deployment. It enables developers to automatically test changes in code, detect errors and bugs early, release code in its repository and finally roll out the current version of the software. All in all, this process enables sustainable improvement of software quality. Get to know the latest trends for automatic testing, infrastructure as code, tools like GitLab, Jenkins, HELM, Terraform and much more!


As soon as an application went through all stages of the CI/CD pipeline it reaches the next level in our lifecycle. The app finally runs on a platform like OpenStack, a public cloud or in a Kubernetes cluster. Since hybrid environments will drive the future of IT infrastructures operators have to orient themselves in such areas. Learn about SDN, Ceph, Service Mesh, network technologies. Become familiar with different architectures, cloud platforms, and container orchestration, and find your way around!


Due to the complexity of modern IT infrastructures monitoring has become more important over the last few years and is contributing to your company’s success. For providing services at desired speed and reliability to end customers, engineers must monitor their servers, networks, and applications very closely. Learn what monitoring solutions are available and how they can best be integrated with other tools! Monitor your production as well as your test environments. Start thinking about monitoring when building your code.

stackconf Core Value – Get Together, Learn & Exchange

Well-known international open source experts present their ideas within the lecture program. Expect an intensive exchange of experience and inspiring encounters! Networking, socializing, and getting in contact with well-known open source experts and more than 150 like-minded attendees is the core value of stackconf.

We take care of that social aspect at our conference. That’s why we provide a lot of space and opportunities for discussion and exchange. Learn from other IT engineers and architects. Get feedback on your own approaches and plans for the future.

stackconf Press Kit

Our Press Kit provides the stackconf logo in your preferred format as well as an overall introduction to stackconf.

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