Buzzing across the eBPF Landscape and into the Hive

The buzz around the Linux kernel technology eBPF is growing quickly and it can be hard to know where to start or how to keep up with this technology that is reshaping our infrastructure stack. In this talk, Bill will trace how he got into eBPF, explore some of the applications leveraging eBPF today, and teach others how to dive into the hive of activity around eBPF. People just beginning with eBPF will learn how eBPF makes it possible to have efficient networking, observability without instrumentation, effortless tracing, and real-time security (among other things) without needing your own kernel team. Those already familiar with eBPF will get an overview of the eBPF landscape and learn about many new and expanding eBPF applications that allow them to harness the power without needing to dive into the bytecode. The audience will walk away with an understanding of the buzz around eBPF and knowledge of new tools that may solve some of their problems in networking, observability, and security.


  • Bill Mulligan
    Bill Mulligan

    Bill Mulligan is a cloud native pollinator and community builder. He has given talks, written articles, and appeared on podcasts on a wide range of topics around cloud native. While at CNCF he restarted the Kubernetes Community Day program. He is currently at Isovalent growing the Cilium and eBPF communities.


Jun 18 2024


10:15 - 10:45


Room Friedrichshain I+II