Creating an IDP – From Zero to Production in 5 Minutes with Backstage + ArgoCD

In this talk, we’ll explore how to build an internal developer platform to increase the productivity of the teams and reduce the friction of creating new applications integrated automatically with all the platform services of the organization. We’ll see the benefits of using Backstage templates to speed up the creation and configuration of new applications with all the related infrastructure and resources (CI/CD pipelines, integration with monitoring tools, integration with ArgoCD, etc). We will demonstrate how easy is to follow a “production first” strategy with a practical demo of creating a new application that will be released automatically in production in a few minutes.


  • Xoan Mallon Moure
    Xoan Mallon Moure

    Xoan is a passionate DevOps engineer with expertise in automation and cloud technologies. He has focused on Kubernetes and surrounding projects, specializing in GitOps with ArgoCD. Additionally, Xoan has hands-on experience in enhancing developer experience with Backstage. His goal is to design scalable, efficient, and automated infrastructure solutions, enabling continuous integration, delivery, and deployment.

  • Manuel Cañete
    Manuel Cañete

    Manuel is a SRE / Platform engineer at Docplanner focused on new technologies and technical excellence. He is currently working with many CNCF projects like Backstage, ArgoCD, Helm, Kubernetes, OpenTelemetry, KEDA, and more.


Jun 19 2024


15:15 - 16:00


Room Friedrichshain III