Ignite: Distributed Tracing using OpenTelemetry and Jaeger

Several years ago, when you had a monolithic application, it was fairly easy to debug and diagnose since there was probably only one service with a couple of users. Nowadays systems are broken up into smaller microservices deployed in containers on top of Kubernetes in multiple clusters across different cloud environments. In these kinds of distributed environments, there is a need to observe it all, both the overall picture, and, if need be, at a more granular level. Observability can be roughly divided into three sub-categories: logging, metrics, and tracing. In this blog post we’ll show you how simple it is to get set up with tracing in your new or existing MinIO application. We’ll build a small MinIO app that does a few basic requests; this will be our base application to which we’ll add tracing to gain a better picture of how system components and functions interact.


  • AJ Jester
    AJ Jester

    AJ is a Specialist in the field of DevOps/SRE with over 20 years of empirical operational experience. He not only architects and designs, but also implements and maintains the infrastructure thereafter, the whole nine yards, soup to nuts. He ventures out to learn unfamiliar things, digging in to finding the root cause and coming up with tangible solutions.


Jun 19 2024


14:00 - 14:05


Room Friedrichshain I+II