Insights into Managed Service Provision: A STACKIT Retrospective

Embark on the innovative journey of STACKIT, a premier European cloud provider, as we showcase our expertise in Kubernetes-based managed services. This talk will delve into the dynamic processes of deploying and managing robust services like PostgreSQL, InfluxDB and MongoDB on Kubernetes clusters, a testament to our technological prowess. We’ll unravel our multifaceted strategies for processing customer requests, from the initial API call to the final deployment stage. Our discussion will highlight diverse methodologies, including the integration of databases with message queues and the direct creation of Kubernetes resources, offering insights into their unique efficiencies and challenges. Join us to deeply understand the trade-offs of each approach. We’ll address vital issues such as scaling capabilities, backup strategies and effective resource management.


  • Patrick Koss
    Patrick Koss

    Patrick is a dedicated and highly skilled Backend Software Engineer with a strong passion for Distributed Systems and Cloud-Native Development. His key areas of expertise include:
    – Backend Development (Go, Python, Rust)
    – Distributed Systems (Microservices, Service Mesh, Message Queues)
    – Cloud-Native Technologies (Kubernetes, Docker, Serverless)
    – Scalable & High-Performance Systems
    – Continuous Integration & Deployment (CI/CD)


Jun 18 2024


17:00 - 17:30