Make You Ops-Life Easy – ansible usecases you didn´t out of track

Most of you are familiar with Ansible. We are excited to show you some use cases within the “normal Ansible scope”. Using Ansible-AWX as a platform, we have streamlined tasks for admins and for developers, enabling effortless automation of routine operations. With services designed to simplify the daily work, we can all be a bit more lazy (#faul) 😉


  • Philip Drießlein
    Philip Drießlein
    DATEV eG

    Philip works at DATEV and automates since 2013. His work ethic: the more he can automate, the less work for him.

  • Christian Lorenz
    Christian Lorenz
    DATEV eG

    Christian is product manager of the Automation team @DATEV and tries to make his clients a little bit lazier ;-)
    He uses Ansible since 2017 and does IT since SuSe 5.1 :-o


Jun 18 2024


11:00 - 11:45


Room Friedrichshain III