Scaling Up, Not Out: Managing Enterprise Demands in a Growing SaaS Startup

There is a distinct moment in every founder’s journey when their product just starts ‘clicking’. You start grabbing massive logos — software leaders, banks, retail giants — big names paying you even bigger amounts to satisfy their niche use-cases. You welcome and nurture them, but it becomes clear that to retain these behemoths that now power your growth, you’ll need to cater to a barrage of feature requests and compliance errands that could derail the very product roadmap that got you here. This talk guides founders on managing enterprise customers without compromising their company’s vision.


  • Vishwa Krishnakumar
    Vishwa Krishnakumar

    Vishwa is co-founder and CEO at Zenduty – an advanced incident response platform. He has 12 years of experience making mistakes, learning from them, and helping orgs set up their DevOps, SRE and Production Engineering teams. Vishwa loves talking about observability and reliability at incremental scale and discovering products that just ‘click’. Outside of work, he plays football, or riding his bike with some 70s Rock Music.


Jun 18 2024


12:00 - 12:30