Talos Linux: One (Immutable) OS to Rule Them All

Talos Linux is Linux designed for Kubernetes – secure, immutable, and minimal. It is based on a hardened kernel and a minimal user space, ie. no SSH, shell or console. All system management is done via a gRPC API. In this presentation the audience will be introduced to Talos Linux and be shown how to get a full-blown Kubernetes cluster up and running within minutes on a Cloud Platform, as well as on a developer workstation.


  • Pip Oomen
    Pip Oomen
    Redpill Linpro

    With 40+ years experience in the ICT field, Pip has been recognised by IBM as an OS/2 Warp Engineer and a Lotus Notes Principal Engineer, and more recently by RedHat as a Certified Specialist in OpenShift.
    He is a long time user of containers and Kubernetes and has previously been providing on-site trainings for RedHat OpenShift.
    As a Platform Engineer, Pip works with a focus on security, reliability and automation for complex infrastructures.


Jun 19 2024


12:00 - 12:30


Room Friedrichshain III