The challenges of Platform teams

(and a few tips & tricks to overcome them)

User-centricity, consistency, simplicity, usability, continuous business value delivery, product alignment with business vision-mission and goals… All these pillars build the foundation of successful products and innovative product organisations. However, we face major challenges when translating Product Thinking to Platforms and when applying Agile and SW development practices in Platform teams. In this talk, we will review together these challenges and how we can overcome them.


  • Marco Pierobon
    Marco Pierobon

    Marco Pierobon, a seasoned Developer at Thoughtworks, brings 13 years of experience in distributed applications, specializing in cloud technologies like Kubernetes and Terraform. With a proven track record of transforming team approaches from project-based to product-oriented, he’s an advocate for innovation and efficiency. A champion of modernization, Marco routinely assisted in migrating legacy software to web-based platforms.


Jun 19 2024


12:00 - 12:30