Towards Standardized Platforms: How the CNOE Project Can Help

Platform building has become an emerging practice in the IT world. Be it internal developer platforms (IDPs) or more generalistic PaaS offerings for internal organizations, enterprises strive for unified platform experiences on top of Kubernetes and GitOps. 
This endeavor comes at a risk: How to choose the right building blocks and make sure they are maintained and play nicely with each other?
The CNOE (Cloud Native Operational Excellence) project makes an effort to mitigate these risks by providing reference architectures and implementations built on pluggable and extensible open source tooling. The speaker will outline the when and why of building platforms before introducing the CNOE project, its tenets and aims.
He will also live-demo the deployment of a reference IDP using idpbuilder, a tool maintained by the CNOE project, to provide attendees with steps to get started with platform building and experimenting putting together CNCF tools such as ArgoCD, Backstage, or Crossplane. Attendees will gain an understanding of what problems IDPs in general and the CNOE project in particular try to solve, as well as which steps it takes to get started.


  • Daniel Bodky
    Daniel Bodky
    NETWAYS Managed Services GmbH

    Daniel is a Platform Advocate from Germany who made his way from Systems Engineering via Consulting to Advocating for cloud-native solutions. He’s a huge fan of open-source, actively engaged in projects revolving around Ansible and Kubernetes, and loves to try out up-and-coming projects and technologies.


Jun 18 2024


15:15 - 16:00