Why is there no new Release? Nobody pays for the basics :-(

ReaR was born out of a single custmers’ need and a consulting project, to offer a cheaper and better alternative to a commercial disaster recovery product. Since then it has grown by many contributions to cover nearly any disaster recovery situation for Linux servers and desktops – and it is used in many data centres around the world. Red Hat and SUSE even provide commercial support, with their package maintainers also acting as ReaR maintainers. With all this success, we still struggle to provide regular releases, test automation or even good architecture documentation. This talk explores the reasons for that and shows some of the approaches that work, and some that didn’t work. I’ll be happy for a conversation with other maintainers/projects about how they solve this problem.


  • Schlomo Schapiro
    Schlomo Schapiro
    Tektit Consulting

    Schlomo Schapiro is an Agile IT and Open Source enthusiast dedicated to advancing an agile mindset and a DevOps-orientated culture in IT. He works as Associate Partner / Principal Engineer at Tektit Consulting in Berlin, is author of several Open Source projects, conference speaker and regularly publishes blog and magazine articles. Schlomo focuses on IT strategy, IT governance, technology and architecture management, security and compliance automation, related organisational changes, business continuity, open source and cloud technologies – and is available as a Principal Engineer for short-term support.


Jun 18 2024


9:15 - 10:00


Room Friedrichshain III