Zero-Touch Automation for Cloud-Edge Deployment

Automation is a fundamental part of the Infrastructure as a Service field. This presentation will show how to use a combination of GitOps and DevOps techniques to automate the deployment and configuration of a vendor-neutral cloud-edge environment based on OpenNebula, using resources from multiple cloud and edge providers. A GitLab repository is used as a single source of truth and control mechanism to deploy, update and delete the lifecycle of a cloud-edge front-end hosted within the VM of a cloud provider. Once the OpenNebula controller has been deployed, a provisioning tool based on Ansible and Terraform provides the automation to dynamically grow the cloud infrastructure with edge clusters on remote bare-metal cloud resources. The system allows the automatic creation of cloud-edge instances for testing, training or evaluation in a few minutes.


  • Victor Palma
    Victor Palma
    OpenNebula Systems

    Victor is a Cloud Engineer at OpenNebula with the ambition to expand the cloud to the edges of the universe.


Jun 19 2024


10:30 - 11:00


Room Friedrichshain III